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About Thomas Barkoczy

I have always been in the Housing Industry....always. Most years were spent in new construction. Then, the financial meltdown of work. Having a family and a house payment, I started doing any work I could...mostly remodels. One night, I ran into Broker I'd seen around...young guy. I told him I was taking any jobs I could get to make ends meet. He said, "you're working for me." Over the next three years, we renovated homes, (in the middle of the Recession,) himself as the real estate broker, and myself as the designer/construction manager. We renovated over and apartments. After that, we parted ways professionally...yet still remain friends, today. I decided for myself...I needed to do what he did. I took the real estate license exam and passed the very first time. Since then, I have enjoyed success in the real estate industry. This is due to my work ethic, continuing education, and comprehension of real estate...from the GROUND up. This is my 9th year as a Real Estate Broker. In my 4th year, I trained, coached, and taught new real estate agents, for Keller Williams. In my 6th year, I opened my own Company. 2019 was our first complete fiscal year. We were the fasting growing company that year, finishing the year just shy of the top 20%, and we are currently moving toward our goal of being in the to 10%. Outside real estate, I love soccer - playing and watching! Also, I'm a member of the Western Slope Astronomy Club, and The Next Big Idea, (Book) Club. I have a wife named Jessica and a daughter named Rainy. Call me anytime between 7 am & 7 pm. If I don't pick up...I'll call you by end of day's business. 970.201.0257 If you got this far.......thanks for reading!